Meet Patrick Gosnak


An Austrian who even the almighty statisticians didn’t know about until today. He had only been in the world bases once before – in 2018, Gosnak qualified for the Eurotour in Austria, but dropped out long before qualifying. Today, he made his Eurotour debut and struck out Ian White!

A new star or a regular upstart?

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The legendary darts player Mike Gregory died

The legendary darts player Mike Gregory died. In 1992, he lost to Phil Taylor in the World Championship final, and that match is considered one of the greatest in history. Gregory was also a founding member of the WDC and won two tournaments under its umbrella, which would later be known as the PDC. Mike Gregory was 65 years old.

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Danny van Trip is the champion of the ninth stage of the PDC Challenge Tour!

Danny van Trip is the champion of the ninth stage of the PDC

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Denmark will have a Super League

Denmark will create a Super League, a new tournament for local top darts players

The 12 strongest players in the country will take part in it. Brian Løkken, Niels-Jørgen Hansen and Andreas Toft Jørgensen have already received invitations, and the names of the others will be announced later. The first round is scheduled for April 10.

The project is handled by the Danish businessman and head of the darts club in Slangerup, Klaus Hallberg. Super League matches will be reflected on the DartConnect system, and video broadcasts from two targets are also planned. Halberg said in an interview with the local media that he was not going to confront the Danish Darts Union – on the contrary, he supported the idea and was ready to provide the necessary assistance.


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World Darts Federation updated its rankings

In the men’s standings, James Harrell leads the way, followed by Scott Marsh, and wunderkind Luke Littler rounds out the top three.

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