Entries for Copenhagen

Entries Saturday March 21st

Entries Sunday March 22nd

Alex B Jensen DEN Ali Roberts FIN Andre hirschsprung DEN Andreas Hyllgaardhus DEN Arne Svendsen DEN Bo S. Nielsen DEN Boris Koltsov RUS Brian Christiansen DEN Brian Jensen DEN Brian Løkken DEN Daniel Larsson SWE Dean Moss SWE Deana Rosenblom SWE Dennis Lindskjold DEN Dennis Nilsson SWE Hannu Suominen FIN heikki hyvönen FIN Henrik Primdal DEN Ivan Larsen DEN Jan Guldsten DEN Jan mortensen DEN Jan Erik Rasmussen DEN Jann Hoffmann DEN Jimmy Andersen DEN Jimmy karlsen DEN Joachim Tholf SWE Johan Engström SWE Jørgen Ejlsertsen DEN Jørgen Næser Thomsen DEN Kim Frithjof DEN Kim Viljanen FIN Kim F. Jensen DEN Klaus Rejnhold DEN Kristian Thålin SWE Lars Olsen DEN Lean Martin Jensen DEN Lennart Efraimsson SWE Magnus Caris SWE Magnus Hagstrom SWE Marko Kantele FIN Markus Korhonen SWE Martin Jangeborn SWE Mats Naversjö SWE Niels Heinsøe DEN Nikolai Olsen DEN Ole Jørgensen DEN Oskar Lukasiak SWE Pasi Hyttinen FIN Per Laursen DEN Per Skau DEN Per Thygesen DEN peter nielsen DEN Peter Sajwani SWE Peter Starskov DEN Pär Riihonen SWE ricky williamson DEN robert wagner NOR Roland Lenngren SWE sami sanssi FIN steen lysen DEN stefan olsson SWE stig jørgensen DEN Søren Byø DEN Søren Hedegaard DEN Tatu Pehkonen FIN Teuvo Haverinen FIN Tommy Haulrich DEN Ulrich Meyn DEN Vladimir Andersen DEN

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SDC Calendar 2016

The calendar for the SDC Pro Tour 2016 is calendar is ready.

There are still minor arrangements before we can announce venues for the last two weekends. Since we’re visiting Norway for the fist time details has to be sorted out.

Date Country City Tour Venue
30/1 Finland Tuusula SDC Pro Tour 1 Hotel Gustavelund
30/1 Finland Tuusula SDC Youth Tour 1 Hotel Gustavelund
31/1 Finland Tuusula SDC Pro Tour 2 Hotel Gustavelund
19/3 Denmark Copenhagen SDC Pro Tour 3 Hotel Park Inn by Radisson
19/3 Denmark Copenhagen SDC Youth Tour 2 Hotel Park Inn by Radisson
20/3 Denmark Copenhagen SDC Pro Tour 4 Hotel Park Inn by Radisson
27/8 Sweden/Norway TBC SDC Pro Tour 5 TBC
27/8 Sweden/Norway TBC SDC Youth Tour 3 TBC
28/8 Sweden/Norway TBC SDC Pro Tour 6 * TBC
8/10 Sweden/Norway TBC SDC Pro Tour 7 TBC
9/10 Sweden/Norway TBC SDC Pro Tour 8 TBC

* Event 6 will hold the qualifier for the European Championship

As a new feature, you can see that there is an extra tournament on the calendar. After the Tour 1, 3 and 5 are played on Saturdays, we have a Youth Tour on which is played right after the Pro Tour is finished. On the Youth tour we will play for a spot directly among the last 64 for the Youth World Darts Championship.

Youth Tour is only for players under 23 years.

Detailed rules and guidelines for SDC Pro Tour and SDC Youth Tour 2016 will be announced in November.

SDC in cooperation with PDC and Unicorn is looking forward to have a good Tour in 2016 and we are hoping for the support of the players when we visit Norway for the first time.


Michael Frydendahl
Scandinavian Darts Corporation

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List of entries for SDC Event in Finland

This is the entry list for the last weekend of the 2015 SDC Tour.

If you have registered and is not shown on the list please contact tournament director Brian Odsgaard at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Event 7 Jann Hoffmann DEN Event 7 Per Laursen DEN Event 7 Jari Haavisto FIN Event 7 Aki Paavilainen FIN Event 7 Asko Niskala FIN Event 7 Heikki Hyvönen FIN Event 7 Heikki Isoranta FIN Event 7 Jani Elijoki FIN Event 7 Janne Kiiski FIN Event 7 Jarkko Uutela FIN Event 7 Jukka Laine FIN Event 7 Kenneth Ljungars FIN Event 7 Kim Viljanen FIN Event 7 Lotta-Noora Heinäharju FIN Event 7 Marko Kantele FIN Event 7 Marko Lokkinen FIN Event 7 Marko Vitikkala FIN Event 7 Oskar Lukasiak FIN Event 7 Pasi Hyttinen FIN Event 7 Petri Korte FIN Event 7 Petri Rasmus FIN Event 7 Reijo Ahokas FIN Event 7 Tatu Pehkonen FIN Event 7 Teemu Harju FIN Event 7 Teuvo Haverinen FIN Event 7 Toni Karhunen FIN Event 7 Torbjörn Gustafsson FIN Event 7 Uki Takkinen FIN Event 7 Ulf Ceder FIN Event 7 Vesa Porkola FIN Event 7 Ville Petäjämäki FIN Event 7 Aaron Knox FIN Event 7 Hannu Suominen FIN Event 7 Martin Koverhult SWE Event 7 Hans Johnsson SWE Event 7 Joachim Tholf SWE Event 7 Roland Lenngren SWE Event 7 Magnus Caris SWE Event 7 Magnus Hagstrom SWE Event 7 Mats Naversjö SWE Event 8 Jann Hoffmann DEN Event 8 Per Laursen DEN Event 8 Jari Haavisto FIN Event 8 Aki Paavilainen FIN Event 8 Asko Niskala FIN Event 8 Heikki Hyvönen FIN Event 8 Heikki Isoranta FIN Event 8 Jani Elijoki FIN Event 8 Janne Kiiski FIN Event 8 Jarkko Uutela FIN Event 8 Jukka Laine FIN Event 8 Kenneth Ljungars FIN Event 8 Kim Viljanen FIN Event 8 Lotta-Noora Heinäharju FIN Event 8 Marko Kantele FIN Event 8 Marko Vitikkala FIN Event 8 Marko Lokkinen FIN Event 8 Oskar Lukasiak FIN Event 8 Pasi Hyttinen FIN Event 8 Petri Korte FIN Event 8 Petri Rasmus FIN Event 8 Reijo Ahokas FIN Event 8 Tatu Pehkonen FIN Event 8 Teemu Harju FIN Event 8 Teuvo Haverinen FIN Event 8 Toni Karhunen FIN Event 8 Torbjörn Gustafsson FIN Event 8 Uki Takkinen FIN Event 8 Ulf Ceder FIN Event 8 Vesa Porkola FIN Event 8 Ville Petäjämäki FIN Event 8 Aaron Knox FIN Event 8 Hannu Suominen FIN Event 8 Martin Koverhult SWE Event 8 Hans Johnsson SWE Event 8 Joachim Tholf SWE Event 8 Roland Lenngren SWE Event 8 Magnus Caris SWE Event 8 Magnus Hagstrom SWE Event 8 Mats Naversjö SWE Qualifier EC Jann Hoffmann DEN Qualifier EC Per Laursen DEN Qualifier EC Asko Niskala FIN Qualifier EC Janne Kiiski FIN Qualifier EC Jukka Laine FIN Qualifier EC Marko Kantele FIN Qualifier EC Marko Lokkinen FIN Qualifier EC Petri Korte FIN Qualifier EC Tatu Pehkonen FIN Qualifier EC Teuvo Haverinen FIN Qualifier EC Toni Karhunen FIN Qualifier EC Torbjörn Gustafsson FIN Qualifier EC Ulf Ceder FIN Qualifier EC Vesa Porkola FIN Qualifier EC Ville Petäjämäki FIN Qualifier EC Aaron Knox FIN Qualifier EC Hannu Suominen FIN Qualifier EC Kim Viljanen FIN Qualifier EC Martin Koverhult SWE Qualifier EC Oskar Lukasiak SWE
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Live stream from Hotel Tallukka

This weekend is the last of the 2015 SDC Tour and will hold 2 events Saturday and a European Championship qualifier Sunday.

Today will be decided which two players will qualify for William Hill 2016 World Darts Championship. By looking at the Order Of Merit only 4 players have a chance qualify:

  • Kim Viljanen (FIN), 3900
  • Per Laursen (DEN), 3450
  • Magnus Caris (SWE), 2375
  • Oskar Lukasiak (SWE), 1175

There will be live streaming from selected matches throughout the whole weekend – including semifinals and finals. There will only be a caller on the semis and finals – the other matches will show the scoreboard done by the marker

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SDC Event 8 – Finland

Marko Lokkinen 6 – 2 Mats Naversjö
Ulf Ceder 2 – 6 Jani Elijoki
Teemu Haarju 4 – 6 Jukka Laine
Heikki Hyvonen 6 – 0 Lotta-Nora Heinäharju
Heikki Isoranta 1 – 6 Janne Kiiski
Aaron Knox 6 – 2 Vesa Porkola
Aki Pavilainen 2 – 6 Kenneth Ljungars
Hannu Suominen 4 – 6 Asko Niskala

Kim Viljanen (1) 6 – 1 Hans Johnsson
Petri Rasmus 6 – 0 Marko Lokkinen
Uki Takkinen (8) 6 – 1 Joachim Tholf
Reijo Ahokas 5 – 6 Jani Elijoki
Oskar Lukasiak (4) 6 – 1 Jari Haavisto
Teuvo Haverinen 0 – 6 Jukka Laine
Marko Kantele (5) 6 – 1 Roland Lenngren
Pasi Hyttinen 2 – 6 Heikki Hyvonen
Per Laursen (2) 6 – 4 Torbjörn Gustafsson
Toni Karhunen 0 – 6 Janne Kiiski
Magnus Hagström (7) 5 – 6 Petri Korte
Marko Vitikkala 1 – 6 Aaron Knox
Magnus Caris (3) 6 – 1 Jann Hoffmann
Jarko Uutela 2 – 6 Kenneth Ljungars
Tatu Pehkonen (6) 2 – 6 Ville Petäjämäki
Martin Koverhut 0 – 6 Asko Niskala

Kim Viljanen (1) 6 – 2 Petri Rasmus
Uki Takkinen (8) 3 – 6 Jani Elijoki
Oskar Lukasiak (4) 6 – 5 Jukka Laine
Marko Kantele (5) 6 – 5 Heikki Hyvonen
Per Laursen (2) 6 – 3 Janne Kiiski
Petri Korte 2 – 6 Aaron Knox
Magnus Caris (3) 6 – 0 Kenneth Ljungars
Ville Petäjämäki 6 – 1 Asko Niskala

Kim Viljanen (1) 6 – 5 Jani Elijoki
Oskar Lukasiak (4) 3 – 6 Marko Kantele (5)
Per Laursen (2) 6 – 1 Aaron Knox
Magnus Caris (3) 6 – 2 Ville Petäjämäki

Kim Viljanen (1) 4 – 6 Marko Kantele (5)
Per Laursen (2) 4 – 6 Magnus Caris (3)

Marko Kantele (5) 6 – 5 Magnus Caris (3)

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